Headspace NeoTokyo

Session 0: Setting and Planning

Neo-Tokyo Pleasure Dome Ultra 20XX

In the aftermath of World War III, most of the world lay in ruin. Tokyo survived, laying low through the conflict. As one of the few surviving major population centers, Tokyo turned inward, instituting the Sakoku Revival Protocols, and closing all borders to traffic in and out. This was 32 years ago. Imperial Year 1

In IY 16, Brilliant Diamond Technologies launched CYBERZONE, a shared-consciousness network, and the despondent survivors began flocking to a new state of existence. The physical needs of nikumono were cared for by Delicious Future Nutritional Assistance Corporation, providing a subsistence level nutrient program for bodies which required it, and running the largest meatspace food conglomorate in the Empire.

Not everyone was compatible with CYBERZONE, however, and the world outside turned hostile. Citizens plugged into CYBERZONE were left vulnerable in their corporate 'hotel' arcologies, and the government of NeoTokyo re-instituted the Tonarigumi, or Neighborhood Associations, of the Second World War as a kind of civilian defense force. This volunteer organization was tasked with the ultimate expression of Imperial heroism, giving up their individuality and the salvation of CYBERZONE to protect the nikumono of the sleeping citizens of the Empire.

Stretched thin, the Tonarigumi began losing the fight to keep meatspace safe, and for-profit security filled the gap, particularly among the upper classes. Nikumono Custodial Services in particular sold their security and maintenance to the highest bidder.

Not all have taken the dawn of CYBERZONE as a boon the Empire. Supporting the needs and desires of the incompatible is Oroshi (Wholesale) Medtech, a genetic engineering firm with underworld ties.


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